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Melamine Foam Manufacturer|FoamTech

Core Value

Innovation and service quality are at the core of our value system. With our dedication to research and development, FoamTech strives to push the boundaries of modern technology and shape a new landscape for the future of technology. A caring listener to clients' concerns and a seasoned technological expert, FoamTech always promises to deliver the best results and solutions.

Melamine Foam Manufacturer|FoamTech


Greatness in anything doesn't come from a stroke of luck - it requires faith and commitment. FoamTech understands the importance of hard work and patience, and that's why we have spent countless hours and intensive investments in our research and development to create products that are superior to the others.

Melamine Foam Manufacturer|FoamTech


We embrace the visions and the voices of our clients and spare no efforts in fulfilling expectations and demands.
Trust and honesty are what bond people here at FoamTech and unify us as one team of shared values.
People - they make FoamTech a better place to be.

Melamine Foam Manufacturer|FoamTech


The creative process begins with dedicated study and research,culminating in innovation. At FoamTech,we constantly look to optimize and improve, never resting on past accolades. We forge the future of our industry.

Melamine Foam Manufacturer|FoamTech


Dedication and passion find no grounds when people fail to maximize their potentials. At FoamTech, our well-trained and aspiring employees always keep on their toes to pursue the highest level of standard for our products and services to achieve total customer satisfaction.